Three Bags Full…

Speaking of sheep, get a load of this shit.
What the fuck?
I guess I like my coffee rainbow now. I only wear rainbow t-shirts. The tires on my car are rainbow. The total absence of light is rainbow. And most people from Africa are rainbow.
Political correctness is the second most evil export from America (the first: Britney Spears).

4 thoughts on “Three Bags Full…

  1. Now that’s a classic case of the ‘pot calling the kettle rainbow’. And no more cases of ‘black or white’ – it’ll be ‘rainbow or white’. And that fucking snake in Africa that’ll kill ya – rainbow mamba. The plague that overwhelmed the masses – rainbow plague, otherwise known as the rainbow death. Nobody remembers what the fuck a bubonic is anyway. And instead of the panic that takes over when you take a black shit – a rainbow shit. So much for the panic – it’ll just bring happiness and joy. The world will be just a happy place……what a crock of shit.

  2. In a strange way, I kind of like the fact that PC correctness hasn’t really hit culture here yet, at least in the English language media. But I’m not holding my breath…I’m sure it’ll wash up on East Asian shores soon enough.

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