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In between RGB-to-CMYK travails for our wedding thank you cards, I watched the last episode of season 2 Battlestar Galactica and the first episode of season 6 Sopranos head-to-head last night. All I can say is, AWESOME!
Battlestar has turned out to be one of the best series of the past couple years, and of course the Sopranos never disappoints – and as it turns out, I’m not even sad that it’s ending. It is time.
Everybody’s making predictions about Tony dying and Paulie taking over the gang and selling the whole biz to the Russians, but that’s just superficial shit. I think the big point here is what happens to Dr. Melfi and Carmela. That’s the shit that will make you cry.
I’ve noticed something interesting the past few years: Television has gotten better than the movies. I’d much rather sit down to a new episode of, say, the Shield or 24 than I would any of the new movies – the chances of watching a good movie are just so slim these days… I mean, I saw Brokeback Mountain on DVD the other night and it had some beautiful shots of sheep and all, but like, I’m not from New Zealand, man! That shit doesn’t count as foreplay in my book. It sure didn’t set up the grunty sausage-fumbling in the middle of the night tent scene for me, so there was a certain sense of disconnect about the whole thing… Maybe television is just making me a simpler bastard.
Sure, I like a well-crafted story and interesting dialog as much as the next guy, but at the end of the day, I want my fix of good ole JB.
Suspect won’t talk? Shoot him, Jack.
Terrorist won’t surrender? Shoot him, Jack.
Old friend betrays the country? SHOOT THAT MOTHERFUCKER, Jack!
Like I keep saying, Kiefer should legally change his name to Jack Bauer. Also, it pretty much goes without saying that he should quit acting as soon the series ends.

5 thoughts on “Double Header

  1. Now in search mode to procure season four. Now thoroughly engrossed…..thanks to you, you miserable person! Wallace and Grommit was interesting however. BTW have you ever watched – ‘The Adventures of Buckeroo Banzai’?? Another one of them classics.

  2. by the way, you’re gonna die when you find out how long it takes for season 5 to come out on dvd! and it’s a good season, too!
    don’t worry, i have it all on my comp.

  3. Have you seen the short-lived but very nicely done “Firefly” which was soooo good that eventhough the powers-that-be killed the show in the first season, a full-length movie (Serenity) was created?…and was very good, indeed!..first time ever done in the history of TV!

  4. Yeah firefly was excellent. Serenity was good as well; too bad it tanked at the box office. There was some talk of releasing a sequel for DVD only but I don’t know where that went. From around the same time that Firefly came out, another excellent series is Freaks and Geeks.

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