Some Japanlinks for today

… just because I feel like it.
Thanks, Peruvifucker!
I’ve already been harassed by the popo once because of this guy. It only takes one asshole…
Racial profiling blows up in faces of dumbass Japanese cops
“…but captain, I thought she was a gook whore!”
Stunning Scientific Discovery: Getting nuked may pose long term health risk!
Shades of Cryptonomicon
In other Filipino news, T had to call off his kiteboarding trip to Borakai because of unstability thing. I approve: Getting caught up in civil unrest in a country where every strapping male’s hobby is making long knives out of truck leaf springs might sucketh kinda hardish.
Not news in the sense that it’s not anything recent, but: JAL is FUxx0r3d.
My dialogue with a JAL steward two days ago (and nothing quite screams homo like male airplane waitress does it? Well, there’s always the Ice Capades, but that’s a different story.):
Stew: “Sir, please put up your seat”
Me: “I can’t, it’s broken.”
Stew: “No it’s not.”
Me: “Well, the other stewardess said it was.”
Stew: “Well, she’s wrong”
(I try again and it doesn’t raise)
Me: “Oh well, I guess it REALLY IS BROKEN”
Stew: “No it’s not, let me try”
(He nearly breaks a nail trying to get it to raise)
Stew: “Sir, can you please stand up from your seat?”
Me: “Come on man, I got a full tray of semi-food on my lap!”
Stew: “Seats must be raised during mealtimes…”
Stew: “I must insist”
(I stand up while balancing the food tray, trying not to disturb the sleeping baby being held by her mother in the seat next to me. Fagalicious manages to get the seat raised 0.5 contimeters higher than it was before and announces his triumph.)
Stew: “You see, it WASN’T broken”
Me: “This seat requires one to get out of it before operating correctly; that is, by definition, most definitely broken.”
Stew: “but it RAISED so it WASN’T broken”
Me: “Your logic is broken”
Stew: (snottily) “Have a nice meal sir!”
ME: “Whatever. Go fetch me a can of coke.”

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