Kaen Player

“The Kaen is the oldest form of the free reed family, the great great grandaddy of the harmonica and accordion. This type of instrument goes back to at least 1100BC (the harmonica and accordion only go back to the 1830s).”
(read more about the kaen and hear a sample here)
This guy was playing on the street in front of the Shangri La; he played pretty well. The kaen makes such a beautiful sound on the city street. I dropped a 10 baht coin in his bowl and listened for a moment before walking by.

9 thoughts on “Kaen Player

  1. Yo T – not sure if you saw my input on the Gypsy Jazz version video game music. Have you seen an old movie called ‘The Third Man’?? The zither that’s played in the beginning and throughout the movie is classic!!

  2. Ok, I heard the cut. It doesn’t do the tune any justice. It’s only the prelude to the main tune. I’ll find it and send it to ya.

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