Screwy Weather

Two days ago it was like spring had been kickstarted, sunny and warm (so sunny and warm that it created a huge fogbank on the coast, where it met with the cool air – it was like a huge cloud had set on the city).
Yesterday it was cold, winter cold.
Today it is sunny. Well, it was sunny fifteen minutes ago. Now I’m looking at a full-blown snowstorm outside the office windows.
Mother Nature sure can be a fickle bitch.
UPDATE: Now it’s sunny AND snowing. Which is actually kinda cool.

3 thoughts on “Screwy Weather

  1. Weather in Central Cal has been interesting as well. We had snow in Santa Maria and SLO. A few weeks ago, it was sunny and 70’s. Now it was 50’s during the day and 30’s at night. Here we go, turtle-effect.

  2. Crazy Weather

    It was like this in February last year, when temps in the 60’s one day turned to snow the next. And so we had the same thing this week; temps in the high 60’s on Sunday, and then on Monday, it starts to snow. Not a big snowstorm like last year, only a …

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