Monday Fantasy #275

One of these would really cut down on my commuting time in the morning (nothing like a fusillade of 40mm grenades to inspire more judicious use of gas pedals…). Plus, I could ship it to Thailand in October and mount it on an elephant, ala Suryothai.
You know what’s cool about going to the movies in Thailand (other than being able to choose your own seats via touchscreen, and drink beer from glasses)? Before the movie starts, a short tribute to the king is shown, during which everybody rises and (if I remember correctly) puts their hand across their chest ala the Pledge of Allegiance. And I mean everybody, even those little asian jungle punks sitting in the front row wearing LINKIN PARK shirts and throwing popcorn around and shit. Everybody shows respect. That’s kind of cool to watch, even if you feel kind of weird participating in it the first couple of times..

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