Proper Recourse

So a newspaper prints a cartoon depicting your god/deity/religious figure in an unflattering way, and you’re like all indignant and enraged like the Iron Sheik, right? What do you do? March and demonstrate? Ban the newspaper? Burn down the embassy of the offending country the newspaper was printed in, plus a few others for good measure?
No, this is a perfect chance to utilize the Muslim Man Complaint Box.

3 thoughts on “Proper Recourse

  1. That is some funny stuff, except of course, that so much of it is true. *sigh*. My muslim friends are embarrassed and angered by the hysterics and destruction by their countrymen, but hey, fanatic mob mentality is not a pretty thing anywhere in the world!

  2. Conflict, or “provocation from the outside,” seems to be a galvanizing force in the muslim world. Religious leaders seem to foment it: jihad, insurgencies, fanatical hatred of Israel and jews in general, contempt for the West, etc.

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