Last Minute

It’s funny how the day before you leave for an extended break, problems have an uncanny way of popping up all at once.
I am in evasion mode…. Just call me stealth ninja, baby.
I will be picking up a cell as soon as I hit Bangkok and will post the number here and over at the airset site. Nam already has one so we’ll send out that info at the same time.
Four hours before the end of work. Time to wrap things up.

1 thought on “Last Minute

  1. I can’t find a pair of cute walking shoes. The dogs are suddenly flea allergic and I have to clean the entire house, sprinkle FGR (flea growth regulator) all over, wait 24 hours and then vacume again, spray treat the entire front, side and back yards without killing the fish in the pond, catch Boo and Yoda and flea treat them, train the housesitter how to do everything, find my orthotics, pack dad’s stuff, pack my stuff, do the anti-jet lag diet, and clean the bathrooms, refrigerators and make sure the house is secure. But I am soooo ready to go, it’s crazy!
    See you soon with a big smile on my face!

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