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So after 9/11, I signed up for e-mail updates from CNN for breaking news items – you know, back then it was impossible to get to major news sites and even the big newsbloggers were getting bogged down with traffic. I figured it was a good way to be kept kinda in the loop for major events, etc… It worked out kind of in that way, in that sometimes the e-mails would cover stories that we just don’t get coverage of in Japan, even on CNN International.
The thing is, though, it sometimes makes me sad. Like today, the CNN Breaking News alert I received contained the following info only:

The Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XL, beating the Seattle Seahawks 21-10 Sunday night.

I may just be completely out of the loop, but hearing that just makes me want to say whoop-dee-fucking-do. Mind you, these News Alerts are not daily or anything, they only send them when “important” shit happens. So I guess Superbowl results now rate right up there with devastation of entire cities and American soldiers fighting and dying in foreign lands (actually, they stopped sending updates about the war over a year ago).
I guess what I’m trying to say is: Priorities, bitches. In the grander scheme of things, individual sports competition results rank very low. Plus, anyone who didn’t already know the score by the time you sent the News Alert probably doesn’t give half a shit.
It is Monday, and I have had my rant.
It occurs to me that I could be told to simply opt out of the mailings. Believe me, I have tried…

10 thoughts on “Hardly News

  1. Yeah, I just recieved the same one. For many people Football is just the most important thingy in life. Truth. To me? GOLF.
    Hahaha jus kidding. Well, I gotta go out have a look at some used clothe shop near Wat Phnom temple in Phnom penh. I think I I’ll be saying “Hi kid!” to all the street kids I see on the way there taking 30 mins of walk.

  2. I like kids a lot here. They’ve got a pair of big round eyes making a big smile. They are lovely so much that you can even cry with no reasons. Touches.

  3. Oh, I was trying to write, being here facing those sentimentalism and many things like their histirical, political back ground make me picture a lot of things in one time and it touches my heart and I feel very mm how I can describe . I don’t know this feeling. Hope you find a good word for this. Very much mixed feeling.

  4. so glad i’m not the only one,’cause that was EXACTLY what i was thinking while ploughing through my email this morning. i was also saddened that al “grandpa” lewis died this weekend. we had just gotten the munsters box set, & recently viewed a documentary of how he’s been fighting the good fight all these years.
    i know…bitching about football while heralding the entertainment news…guess i’m still part of the problem, yo.

  5. Hey, the flip side of SuperBowl mania is that we’ve always planned our family getaways to ski or vacation, around the fact that there is no traffic that day because so many peope are watching TV, eating bad food, and shopping at the malls!
    And part of me is glad when there’s no big CNN news because it signals a false sense of okay-ness….no big nuclear blowup of a busy port on the West Coast or kidnapping of the Taco Bell chihuahua! It’s what CNN doesn’t report about, that worries me more….

  6. news is like a bad habit. You need good news to give the bad news meaning. Bad news ain’t what it used to be. A few people dying don’t mean shit anymore. You gotta have whole hordes of ’em croak to make the bad news. So, on the other hand you gotta have a whole shitload of happy folks to make the good news. So I guess even Seattle fans were happy folks????? On the other hand, you’re right. Jack Bauer is a BMF.

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