Skype, Out

Will anyone stand up to the Chinese government?
Skype caves in to Chinese censors
I’m sick of those commie bastards dictating morally wrong terms of business to Western companies. And will said companies please grow some fucking balls already? Jeez.
Hope you feel proud participating in the censorship of, say, the Dalai Lama… Well, you just wait. Karma’s a fucking bitch, you nutless cowards.
The thing is, I’d have figured a righteous company like Skype would somehow act better than those pussies over at , say, Yahoo (oooops there goes my and flickr accounts)… Guess I’ll see you guys again when I need to ask someone what Beijing dick tastes like.

2 thoughts on “Skype, Out

  1. the sheer magnitude of the population dictate any business maneuvering in China. Can’t imagine anyone wanting to piss them off. Be interesting to see anybody in the middle east pissing these guys off. Talk about pissing off King Kong!!

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