Canon 30D

Someone sent this to me with the caption, “CANON 30D.”
It is immediately apparent that I was wrong in recommending a Nikon to my little brother last week. Maybe they’ll still let you trade it in, Adam.

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We would need some free tools as powerfull as Skype for the Chinese people.
No money at end = independance in their choices for developers.
“If you don’t filter you don’t do business here”
“We don’t care, we don’t get money”

I don’t see a “Run For The Border” button. Must be defective. You think your mom is bringing some Del Taco or Taco Bell to Bangkok???

I like how it has at least four White Balance buttons, three zoom in/out button sets, and two on/off switches. The Tricorder feature looks sweet too. Got a photo of the other side?

Does anyone else realize that this back is the Canon 1DS back? Not the 30D back? And why has canon not sent out a press realease about this supposed 30D everyone is talking about?

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