Hormonal Question

QUESTION: At a friendly get together, what is more annoying than having a guy who acts like he can kick everybody’s ass in the room, as well a girl acting like the head cheerleader at high school?
ANSWER: Having the same as above arrive as a couple and then getting sucked into their wine snob conversation.
SUPPLEMENT #1: And then finding out they get off on kissing in front of other people.
SUPPLEMENT #2: And wondering how they can act like this well into their fifties. Wrinkles and liver spots, baby.

1 thought on “Hormonal Question

  1. Dud, I mean dude, think about an eighty-year old couple who still love to get out, socialize and smoochy-smooch (hand-holding, sweetly caressing and lovey-dovey talking) at the table next to you.
    It’s nice and yet….a little disconcerting.
    Still, better than a sloppily drunken, loudly quarreling, obscenely foul-mouthed couple! Those are just plain toxic and nasty at any age!

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