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Just got an e-mail back from Barry, who I’ve been talking to about the boat charter:

Our normal trip leaves our pontoon at 9 a.m. and returns around 5 – 5.30
p.m. – however, as you will be chartering the boat for your group only, we
can be flexible on this at either end.
We normally catch snapper, seabass, catfish, sweetlip. The fish are not all
that big because we won’t be that far off the coast and the water is still
fairly shallow. The boat was out last Sunday and they caught over 80 fish
with the biggest (a snapper) just over 12 inches long.
There’s plenty of discovering to do – we take out semirigid with us to ferry
passengers to beaches. There’s one small island, for example, that is
inhabited only by (timid) monkeys, and passengers enjoy feeding them
The area of Kao Sam Roi Yod is a protected marine national park, so it’t
pristine in Thai terms.
There’t no great snorkelling around here, though around Monkey Island is ok
if the sea is very calm.
We have a very well stocked bar on the boat, including all the popular
beers, spirits and some cocktails. Our prices are the same as normal bar
prices in Hua Hin, i.e. not the normal over-inflated prices you normally
find on boats, etc.
We can provide whatever catering you want, e.g. a mixed Thai buffet, a
top-range buffet of western food or just about anything else. If you could
give an idea of what you want, I’ll price and send you the details and you
can then decide.
Our marina for boarding the boat is in Pak Nam Pran, just over 20 km south
of Hua Hin.
It only takes 20 minutes from Hua Hin and is a pleasant drive, the last half
through hilly pineapple plantations.
We have a pick-up taxi that can transport 10 and can organise an additional
similar vehicle.
The return trip for both vehicles together would be B 1200, i.e. B 60 per
head for 20 people.
There is accommodation near us but tends to be more expensive than in Hua
Hin and there is no nightlife in Pak Nam Pran.
If you want us to check out accommodation for you in Hua Hin, again just
give me the details, how many double/single rooms, price range etc. and
we’ll ask around for you.

So now let’s examine some of what he has written. First off, I believe he said the magic word: MONKEYS! And MONKEY ISLAND! No explanation necessary, the addition of monkeys is just a lovely bonus… I may have just found the first volunteers for my future simian army (recruiting line: “Travel to exotic places, meet wonderful people, and FLING POO AT THEM!”).

This is a sweetlip
. According to other sites, they are prime for eating.
“semirigid” = Zodiac w/outboard
I’m going to ask for the catering. What kind of spread do we want? Maybe they can prepare some of the fish we catch on board to supplement whatever we order. Decisions, decisions.
Regarding the 60 Baht per person (assuming 20 pax) we were quoted for the taxi ride, 2 taxis, 40 km/40 mins. both ways: That’s a DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS. How you like them apples? I love Thailand.
For some reason, Hua Hin is reminding me of Lanai, although I might not have ever even been there. Must be the pineapple plantations.
Need I mention that I’m REALLY REALLY EXCITED about this?
You know what? I might not be able to tip these guys well enough!

3 thoughts on “Details: Boat charter

  1. Wow. I am soooo looking forward to a good fishing tournament onboard! And some lovely fish fillets for lunch/dinner, too! This is really amazing, jus! Sooooo, this also means bringing a change of clothes onboard, just in case we get fish blood or monkey poop on us?

  2. sounds like fresh-water spinning gear should do fine. And a plastic worm rig. I will fling it back if flunged at.

  3. It should be fine until a meter-wide stingray snaps your trout pole! Maybe I’ll cheat and bring some sabiki rigs. It would be fun to experiment with some lures, too.

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