Related to my previous post, I’d like to know if anyone has food allergies or food preferences (disclaimer: I am basically the living antithesis of vegan. My philosophy is, “God gave me canine teeth for a reason, and damned if I’ll let them go to waste.” I have nothing against vegans besides the armpit hair-brandishing female type, but it will be very hard for vegans to travel with me on this trip, because among other things, several suckling pigs and a Peking duck or two have my name on them.).
Dave is lactose intolerant, which sucks but is fairly easy to work around, I think.
Chris, a guy I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting, is apparently allergic to peanuts. This is a much more serious issue. When I told Nam about this she thought it was the funniest thing in the world – “how can someone be allergic to peanuts?,” and therein lies the problem as I see it. Because peanut allergies among Thais are virtually non-existent, there is no awareness. Hence, even asking for peanut-free food may not ensure safety.
Chris is apparently bringing some Epi-pens, which is about all that can be done treatment-wise (without going to the hospital). We will help him as best we can with the avoidance part. I found some allergy cards translated into Thai, but I’m having Nam check them right now because they look kinda ghetto. Will post the link later if they check out, or make some of our own.

5 thoughts on “Allergies?

  1. I am less worried about getting runs from consuming lactose or bad food than I am from getting a bee sting. I know the aircraft carrier sized bees that we used to shoot in the dorm would have been painful, but I am also worried about the jungle-style small-rodent sized bees that may be zooming in and out of the Thai jungle. And remember, AFTER I have been stung and am going unconscious: NO penicillan and NO tetanus – I’m allergic to both.

  2. Good point, Dave, to mention your allergies to bees and meds. I think that everyone attending your wedding should have their own “serious allergy” list with their passport stuff and let people around then know, just in case. As for Chris, I am a bit worried that since peanut allergy is non-existent, it might be a real challenge to eat and not worry about exposure. I wonder if the Thai hospitals have the same treatment protocols for such emergencies as are present in the US. And I wonder what the hell is causing the strange, overwhelming rise in things like nut allergies in the US!

  3. If we are in Bangkok and something were to happen to someone, I know the hospital and doctor to see. Long time family friends. Outside of Bangkok I am not sure where to go. No, I don’t have a bee sting kit, so just have me body burned and toss the ashes off the beach cruiser or something.

  4. Not to worry anyone, I am fully capable and incredibly excited about using an epi pen. The pharmacist said that sometimes one is not enough and that it might take using 2 pens to stop an allergic reaction. All I have to say is that I definitely have dibs on the first one…

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