My Genius Wife

Nam just finished her last interview and it looks like she’s set to receive her PhD in March! ALL THESE YEARS OF STUDY AND WAITING ARE FINALLY GONNA PAY OFF!!!!!
I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m alone tonight (she’s staying out in Nara), but I think I’ll drink to that anyway…

8 thoughts on “My Genius Wife

  1. Well, a big smile and hug from all of us to Nam for her hard work all these years and determination to succeed, no matter what! I am so proud for her and her family who are most likely, very happy for her achievements, also! A question, what is the proper title for a PhD professor in Thailand? Do they use “Doctor” as they do here?

  2. Howdy, Pilgrim! (ok that was my last John Wayne impression, ever)
    She’s getting her PhD in Linguistics and wrote her thesis on communication through Molam (traditional song) in NE Thailand.
    Yes, she has been joking for the past few years that I have to address her as Doctor Nam (I think she was joking, anyway…)
    She will be happy to hear from you all – I’ll point her to this post later.

  3. Congratulations to both of you, it’s been quite a journey! Does that mean there will be three Dr. Yoshida’s in the family??? I think we should all refer to Dad as Dr. Gayvid from now on, just to avoid any confusion..

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