Shucho Hell

The past few days have been spent in business meetings and on buses. I’ve spent like ten hours on buses in the last three days. Buses beget buses. Go figure. I’m so wacked I couldn’t remember if BUSES was spelled BUSSES, BUSES, or BUSSESS, so I chose the middle one. When in doubt, straddle the fence (and hope it ain’t barbed wire). Must unplug. Must unwind.
But first, must go back to the office and fill out expense reports. By bus.

3 thoughts on “Shucho Hell

  1. Living as I do on the edge of Osaka and working in various schools in the centre, I live on trains. I spend about 2 hours a day on one line or another including the dreaded Senboku Kousoku (A.K.A. Most expensive line in Japan)

  2. copyeditor’s note
    (I prefer American Heritage to Webster’s, especially now that the Chicago Manual of Style is beginning to see the light)
    (1) buses (2) busses

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