Rare Sighting

Just saw a fire engine red Ferrari Testarossa rear-end a red fire engine. If that ain’t poetic justice, I don’t know what is. The Ferrari driver was, of course, a big, fat wanker who got out and started yelling at the firemen.
I made sure to laugh hard enough so he could hear me.

4 thoughts on “Rare Sighting

  1. Last year, I remember seeing a sexy yellow Maranello near the Canal City mall in Fukuoka. Goes without saying that the driver looked like some 17 year-old rock star. Arrgh. Dude could barely see over the dash!

  2. hahaha
    dude, we have the same sense of humor – I would pay good money to see the Ferrari driver flip out after hearing you laugh.
    Eyes bulging, veins visible in his forehead …

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