A Forest

I know I have one pal in Japan who understands The Cure.
I know I have two friends in France who understand The Cure.
I know I have have one friend in Costa Rica who understands The Cure.
I have too many friends in the states who understand The Cure.
And I thought of them all tonight as I posted this:
A Forest (Fuck Robert Palmer Version)

5 thoughts on “A Forest

  1. Hi Justin!!!
    This is me, one of your french friends who understands and LOOOOOOVES the Cure!!!
    Thanks for the song, I didn’t have this version!
    It’s always a pleasure to hear my Robert Smith!!!
    I hope you and Nam, Mr and Mrs Yoshida, are doing good!
    Talking about our friend from Costa Rica, she’s fine. I spoke to her yesterday, she said “congatulation !!!!!” for your wedding! (but she thought you and Nam were already maried!!!)
    Then, VIVE THE CURE !!!!!! The Best Band EVER!!!
    Bye Bye,
    Your Friend,
    Sophie K

  2. Oh no! I would have to find this post while I’m in the office and can’t listen to it!
    I will just politely thank you in advance and brush the hair out of my eyes. Any Robert is good Robert.
    Don’t forget to sign the petition in my URL. 😉

  3. Wow, they have almost 2,500 sigs! Now all they need to do is sign Bob for a Pocky commercial (I’m thinking Close to Me as BGM) , and it’s a deal.

  4. ooooh! Close to 9 minutes. Very cool version. Thanks again!
    I’ve been signing that petition for years…I wonder how many of those sigs are me. 😉
    Fuck Robert Palmer!

  5. Dude I fucking love the Cure… I don’t know what it takes to “understand” them though. But then again I don’t care and will rock out to this song! Thx!

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