An after-school percussion group playing DJ Shadow’s Building Steam with a Grain of Salt and Changeling – pretty near perfectly as far as I can tell. This is fucking awesome! For high school drum geeks a project this has got to be infinitely better than playing Wipeout at the pep rally (right, Dave?).
The Shadow Percussion Project (movie file)
Note: The file is around 65.4 megabytes and plays much better if you save it to your own computer first by right clicking the link and selecting “Save As”.
(thx to steveo for the tip)

2 thoughts on “Endtroducing…

  1. First of all, we were separated by at least TWO HOURS of travel by car, so how in the HELL do you know that I was “forced” to play Wipout at the Highland High School pep rallys??? However!!! I was probably the FIRST high school drummer to play the 2 Live Crew’s “We Want Some Puxxy” at a pep rally. The looks on the teachers faces when we were done was…a Kodak moment, to say the least. Second, this video rocks. Thanks, dude!

  2. Dude, EVERY high school plays Wipeout at pep rallies. Just like every high school band plays Louie, Louie at some point in time, and just like every high school sax player trying to play the solo for that song is pretty bad at it.

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