T’s Vespa


Originally uploaded by cbuddha.

I’m testing out all the various functions of Flickr to as an alternative to Mfop in order to preserve my moblog sidebar. There are two issues for my usage as far as I can see. Flickr doesn’t resize thumbnails to the size I’m using now. Also, I like storing my photos on my own server (not an option with Flickr).

Anyway, this photo is of a used Vespa 100 that T bought on Yahoo Auctions last year. We rode it around the parking lot at Tenri U and I fixed it when it stopped running. 🙂

2 thoughts on “T’s Vespa

  1. Vespa’s are sweet. Expensive as hell, though. @ least here in Michigan – a running vespa appearing as T’s does would easily fetch $1500-2000.
    Which is why I bought a Austrian Puch to moped to streets of Detroit.
    Sweet ride, though. Flickr’s great. f r e e

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