Wherein nature’s fury becomes relevant

In an official document today, I used the following reason for changing a parts supplier:
“Supplier’s factory destroyed by typhoon.”
The situation described isn’t funny; I just never imagined someday writing those words.
The day of the typhoon, I drove right by that factory. That area got completely washed out when the river overflowed; if I had been there just an hour later my car would have suffered the same fate as the many others that had to be pulled out of rice paddies and sinkholes in the weeks to follow.
Note: If you are interested, my Typhoon Tokage blog posts are archived here, and the liveblogging from my keitai during evacuation is here.

2 thoughts on “Wherein nature’s fury becomes relevant

  1. talking of unfunny sentences you never thought you would utter: our warehouse is expecting delivery of a history book, so I called up a controller and asked “When are we expecting _The Holocaust_”?
    You lot suffer from nature too much I think. Move to the rural idyll that is Manchester.

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