Adam’s Mullet

The other day, Adam saw a school of fat mullet under a bridge near my house, so we decided to try and catch them with the only bait I had around, pickled grubs.
*Note to self: Mullet could give a shit about pickled grubs. Idiot.
The stupid fish were ignoring the bait, so we decided to use a big seabass lure as a yo-yo rig (illegal in our home state of California). I felt kind of bad about snagging them since we weren’t keeping them, but Adam, being an inherently bad person, had no such compunctions:
MulletMania Magazine Photo Contest Winner:
Mullets are ugly up close:
You kiss your mother with that mouth?
All in all, it was good fun.

3 thoughts on “Adam’s Mullet

  1. Hey Jus and Adam, great story, great catch! Some people actually eat those bony fish and Yoda would surely appreciate the eyeballs!….

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