Back in body, if not in mind

This is my state of mind after 3 days of hitting the slopes in Hakuba (quite literally, I’m afraid). It was an awesome trip, overall. Nobody got hurt too badly (although general aches and soreness are shared by all), even the little girl in the pink helmet who Taro ran into at high speed and made cry. I’m burnt a nice shade of brownish-red, and the “racoon eyes” are a source of great joy for my colleagues. (I can’t believe I brought back cookies as a gift for these bastards – they don’t deserve cookies.)

1 thought on “Back in body, if not in mind

  1. Heh, natsukashii.
    After I went to Shiga-kogen a few years ago, I could barely sit down for a week. The buttock pain was pretty major. And yes, I too had the fun experience of nearly killing a random skiier (although he seemed to be more surprised when I apologized in Japanese than when I actually hit him).

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