A twist on the old bean hurling

Yesterday was setsubun, the traditional Japanese new year, and we celebrated accordingly. I got home from a long day at work, the GF touched my arm and said “you’re it!,” then we played “oni ha soto” tag for a couple minutes.
Then, I fell asleep on the sofa. (happy. new year.)
P.S. Shouldn’t we get the day off or something? Doesn’t tradition mean anything to these heathens?

1 thought on “A twist on the old bean hurling

  1. Damn.
    Somehow I assumed that
    1. in Japan, the lunar new year would be as big a deal as it is in Korea, and
    2. that it would be celebrated on the same day, on the assmumption that East Asians were all following the same lunar calendar.
    Now I’ll have to do some research into East Asian lunar calendars and celebrations.
    Anyway, Happy New Year, man.

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