Black Beauty RX7

Someone should just sit down and figure out the exact equation detailing the relationship of [number of times dropped on head as child] to [height of rear spoiler on car]. By the way, people with cars this expensive should not be spotted in the parking lots of recycle shops… A more affordable solution for cash-strapped Fast and Fuuurious wannabes is a haxx0red copy of Gran Turismo, aight?

2 thoughts on “Black Beauty RX7

  1. 1st thingz 1st RX-7’z r the shit…
    ok now on 2 the pic…
    big wing less chance of loss of control…itz an FR car not a fuck’n honda.NO APC,american products company, in Japan license plate is japanese.

  2. There’s a difference between rice and tuning. Tuning came first, wings are for tuning. RX-7s can benefit from a functional wing like the one pictured because they are RWD cars that can easily achieve the speeds at which the wing provides useful downforce.

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