Unleashing Your Inner Loser

This proves that just about anybody can publish a book these days:
How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men
This is so pathetic on so many levels, I don’t know where to start. I think the publisher can sum it up for us best:

Perfect to use as a reference, for dating, and for romantics everywhere, this book contains over 200 pages how to guide, on love, dating and relationship for the Asian man with a Caucasian woman.

You know what Asian men need to be successful with chicks? I’ll give you a hint: It sure ain’t another book to stick their noses in, Einstein. Hell, you might as well sell the online version only so Mr. Long Duck can reference his PDA in between dinner courses!
Of course, what Asian men really need is a role model, like Rick James (I’m Ricky Yin, bitch!). But I’m not sure I wanna go there today…
Under the “Customers who viewed this book also viewed” section, one of my favorite books is listed: Hello My Big Big Honey!. Basically, this is the best title for any book I have ever seen, and the fact that I accidentally found this gem at a musty secondhand store in the dogshit slums of Bangkok only endears it further. I don’t remember much about the story except that it was sad, but Adam wrote about it in a bit more depth here.

6 thoughts on “Unleashing Your Inner Loser

  1. I think the guy should listen to Tom Leykis before they pick up that freakin’ book. And they *want* white women?! They can have them.
    Here’s the short form of that book for the fellas:
    – Have lots of money
    – Listen to her blab
    – Tell her that, yes, she can Have Everything (in spite of the fact that life isn’t fair)
    – When she can’t Have Everything, get ready to suffer from her whining & abuse and/or make alimony payments to her
    Heck, I’m halfway to a book outline right there….

  2. I found this on the author of dating white women:
    “Mr. Quan is an International Business Consultant. He has travelled and worked in many countries. For more than fifteen years, he has successfully dated women of many nationalities. He has provided here, his observations in dating White women and his thoughts on the subject of a romantic relation of an Asian man with a White woman.”
    What the is “successful dating”? Married but divorced? Nah – that’s normal and not successful. Is it shorthand for saying, “fucked for five hours and never called again”? Probably not. “Asked out, maybe called a few times, kissed and she later broke it off”?. More probably.
    “Hello My Big Big Honey!”
    >>Definitely the best title I’ve seen in a long time

  3. Adam Quan’s “How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men” is unparalleled in its approach to the art of dating white women. As reclusive and introverted asian man, I must admit, I have had difficulties approaching the luscious and succulent whiteys I see around me. Quan’s guide, however, has managed to dispel any and all past inhibitions I have had. More than just a dating guide, this seminal (pun intended…oh yes, pun very intended) work is a tour de force; I will not be surprised if our history books in the future find Quan’s guide to be at the vanguard of the current Asian Empowerment Movement.

  4. Hey Mr. Playa, I really want to make a movie with you as the star, kinda like an Asian version of Jungle Fever, you know with the succulent white honeys hangin’ all over you and shit… How about The Pimp Ass Five Finger Rice Daddy Syndrome. Drop me a mail, cuz.

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