Daihatsu Microbus

In Japan, there is a micro-subcompact class of cars known as “keijidosha,” or simply, “K.” Under current regulations their engine size is restricted to 660cc, and their appeal in this land of super expensive gasoline and narrow roads is fairly obvious. They are also cheaper than standard size cars, so it cracks me up when I see a lot of money put into their modification. This microbus mod has been getting more and more popular recently, and on my island alone, I have seen red, orange, yellow, black, tan, and lime green versions of it.

2 thoughts on “Daihatsu Microbus

  1. Would you know of a website where I can purchase such a kit for a Daihatsu Hijet? I know they’re funkylookin gbut I’m also a VW enthusiast and these things will rock the local (Philippine) car scene as soon as someone shows up at a car show with one.

  2. GET THESE INTO THE USA …. QUICK!!!……and you will make a HUGE impact with the young … those 18 to 30 … and make billions in about 2 to 3 years… with the right Ad campaign.

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