Moriyama Sumo Program

I’m really looking forward to seeing sumo for the first time. We’re going to the Nagoya tournament on Saturday. Here’s an article about sumo barely surviving as a school sport in Kanazawa:
Wrestle Mania
It’s worth clicking for the photo alone.
Money quote from a Ministry of Education spokesman:

Nowadays it’s difficult to promote a sport where the participants are basically naked.

Wow, it’s reassuring to see the education of a Japan’s youth in such able, perceptive hands. Following this logic, we’re sure to see the sharp decline in swimming in school athletic programs fairly soon, right?

6 thoughts on “Moriyama Sumo Program

  1. I think sports with naked people sell themselves, really. Too bad they don’t have hot-chick sumo wrestling. I’d buy season tickets for that.

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