I just typed the search string “nagoya late night stupid drunk motherfuckers” into the Yahoo Japan search box on a whim, to find a good pub out here tonight. Quite unexpectedly, this blog was listed 5th. Damn, I feel like I own this town already.
Later: Why is Nagoya food so salty? It’s like a monkey got loose with a salt shaker in the kitchen or something. Bad, bad monkey.

6 thoughts on “HA HA”

  1. Nagoya people have a hard-on for their local variation of fried chicken. And yes, it’s salty as all get out. Why folks in Japan take such pride in their local foods, I do not know.

  2. Man even the kishimen noodles we had today, which are a Nagoya “specialty,” were ruined by unimaginative and overly salty broth. I consider this a serious strike against the area as a travel destination.

  3. Nagoya doesn’t have a lot to offer travelers. It’s a ‘big city’ and all, but beyond the extra heat you get from the surrounding mountains, there ain’t much there for tourists.


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