Top 15 Names for Wal-Mart Wine

15. Box O’ Grapes
14. Chateau du Crack Chardonnay
13. White Trashfindel
12. Big Red Gulp
11. Grape Expectations
10. Domaine Wal-Mart “Merde du Pays”
9. Sam’s Dog 20/20
8. Chef Boyardeaux
7. Trucker’s Choice
6. Blue Light Special Nun
5. Chateau des Moines
4. Mogen Darryl
3. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Vinegar!
2. World Championship Wriesling
and the Number 1 Name for Wal-Mart Wine…
1. Nasti Spumanti
Courtesy of my reader, Jen

3 thoughts on “Top 15 Names for Wal-Mart Wine

  1. Around the Blogosphere (Humor)

    There are some good things about WM. If you happen to be shopping for clothes, but didn’t put on underwear, WM can supply it cheaply and quickly. WM wine has received plenty of nicknames. WM keeps families together; its glasses…

  2. If I remember correctly, that was the one with brown twine wrapped around the neck or cork… Could be wrong since that was the 70s and I was a toddler or somthing. Gotta ask my parents, Google is cheating in a situation like this.

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