One of the rites of passage in an Asian American household is fighting with your sibling for the eyeballs of the fish served up for dinner (assuming one large whole fish shared by the whole table, as opposed to smaller fish that provide eyeballs for each person). What I definitely do not remember is fighting over fish balls. Must be a SE Asian thing.
Photo taken in the Thai Town area of LA.

4 thoughts on “nardical

  1. Nice try.
    The fish balls are a food product made with wormy fish, probably haddock or cod, and then mixed with stuff to keep it together. You can see other texturized protein concoctions at Japanese and Korean grocers.
    P.S. Taking pictures of food in a Thai grocery instead of the nubile clientele is an apalling waste of flash memory.

  2. Wormy fish? Now that’s just wrong.
    > …instead of the nubile clientele…
    I suspect he took these as well, but if he posted them, his girlfriend would probably muay-tai his ass!

  3. I’ve always got plenty of memory. Then again, I was so busy stuffing my maw with the sticky rice cakes they sold in the parking lot, I missed half the shots I wanted to take.
    As for nubile customers, the fish ball sale attracted mostly the “haggling grandmother” crowd.
    Jen, you always think the worst of me. Good for you.

  4. anything sold as balls, pig, beef, fish, chicken, etc., is not to be trusted. In fact, it’s just mystery meat, right? Bad balls!

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