Japanzine Award

Last week I received an e-mail from Ed Jacobs, the editor at Japanzine stating that this blog had been chosen for a “Best of the Web” award. Japanzine is a free magazine of high quality distributed all over Japan and I have been reading it since its past life as The Alien. Anyway, they have an online version of the zine as well and the “Japan Blogging Scene” article this blog was featured in can be seen at:
http://www.japan-zine.com/0404/Feature1.htm (link updated 4/30/04)
C. Buddha’s Hasty Musings is sandwiched between Antipixel and 35 Degrees, two of my favorite photo blogs (if I can be so forward as to term them such). All I can say is: We’re. Not. Worthy.
Props to Japanzine!
P.S. to Bill: You should stock Japanzine at the bar. They are looking for new distros. I’ll bring the current issue this weekend to show you the ad (read: to brag with).
P.P.S. to Japanzine’s webmaster: Please fix my link! (It’s appearing as a relative URL because there is no protocol prefix.)

5 thoughts on “Japanzine Award

  1. gosh! and I knew him back when he was just a drunk in Osaka…who would have thought there was a market for your ramblings 😉

  2. CB, I just started reading your blog this week and I am hooked! Now I’m determined to go through the archives and read every single post, a feat I have only performed on one other site (that I know you are a fan of) – lileks dot com. That’s right, I have placed you just under the Bleats in my bookmarks. Keep up the good work!
    Also please keep posting your photos – they really make my day.

  3. Uh, my first reaction is: Which one of my friends is fucking with me?
    Come on, guys, everybody knows I lick the ground upon which Lileks treads; this does not make me any more gullible, however.
    Jen: If you are the real thing, thank you. Your words are so meaningful to me, I find it hard to believe anybody could write them.

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