I have determined that my Vaio U3’s screen is just too damn small for me too edit photos effectively when I’m drinking. I’m really curious as to how this photo will look when I’m sober, because it looks absolutely brilliant right now.

4 thoughts on “Bonsai

  1. I brought out the colors with photo editing soft, which I do not consider “cheating” or in any way “impure”; many film photographers remind me of the Japanese by attaching value to snobbish and unimportant attributes such as purity. From an artistic (and inebriated) standpoint, the only thing worse than losing your path is defining a false one for others. No, I didn’t just infer that I think of myself as an artist. I was just thinking of a really cool message for a fortune cookie.

  2. Nice! I wish the American photo-phones took such good-looking shots… not that I can afford what they want for such a phone, and no one here that I know has a picture-phone, so it’d be useless technology. I’ll save up for my mini-iPod, instead.

  3. Hey there Montana. This photo was taken with my Nikon digicam, not my phone. All my phone pics are on my moblog, and the 5 most recent appear in the right column of the main page here.

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