I 5uXX0r

Cruftety, cruftety, cruft. Anybody who comes here now can see how cruftily I have crufted together this site. I spent so much time on the css with no clue of what controlled what, I have ended up with a hodgepodge design. Still, I kind of like it but my inability to tweak the little places that need it is driving me insane. Of course, it might help if I spent more than ten minutes on it at a time, but then again maybe not.

2 thoughts on “I 5uXX0r

  1. jus, when you write like this, I worry about you.
    Are you drinking enough liquids? (non-alcoholic)
    And eating enough fiber?

  2. ya i’m fine, mom. just doing the natural thing and venting frustrations. all cannot be shiny and happy in my postings or it lacks genuinity and bores me.

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