Apology to an ancient Sun Goddess

Dear Ama-chan,
I am sorry that I called you a man. Please forgive me; as a typical male I automatically attribute spears, muddy work, and world creation to other men without thinking that it might be the work of a female.
Please do not pout (it makes your eyes all puffy and swollen) and stay in your cave all year; rice is too expensive as it is.
P.S. Here is a link to one of your other fans:
“The rice does not grow without Her.”
Update: I was apologizing for the wrong reason. While Amaterasu IS a female deity, Izanami was the one who did the spear work (yeah I KNEW a girl couldn’t do that!). Timothy Takemoto straightens me out in the comments of the original post. You see, I really am fascinated by this stuff. It’s just my chronic memory loss that gets in the way.

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