I worry about Adam

He always sees the cup half empty. Dude! It’s a magic phone camera! You must learn to squeeze pennies from even the rocks strewn across your path if you ever want to be a real salaryman.

3 thoughts on “I worry about Adam

  1. Yeah yeah yeah… The effects are evolving though. Before it was in night vision green and black monochrome (top pic) and now it has become black, white, and the green and purple that Egg Shen and David Lo Pan shoot out of their palm and long nailed fingers (respectively). Like Bruce Dale’s my camera doesn’t like the light much either. I’m not gonna throw it away, but I do want another camera.
    BTW, that Wired article reminded me of your Nikon getting dunked in the Newport Back Bay. NARF!

  2. At The Windmill

    Yesterday I went to visit the windmill at Ubuyama Bokujo (Farm) after work. The windmill stands alone, humming and whining in the wind, and becons people from all over Japan to drive up our country roads into my slice of…

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