Fly on Flower

I hate flies, but this one was cooperative. Taken on a nature trail at the Awaji Highway Oasis last Sunday.

Random Japanese Graffiti

Found this in Kobe between a stairwell and a hidden shotengai a couple weeks ago. The artwork is reminiscent of gishigishikun (an ultraviolent schoolboy manga) for some reason… Maybe that bloody nose.

Fishing Pics – Sumoto Port

Photos from last Sunday:
Nam with the gourmet catch of the day, a maruhagi (triggerfish).
Stephanie taking a hard day off from working the Gallic skies.
T-dog and Michelle serving it up raw.
A better photo of the spread.

Batizado 2005 Photos

Some pictures of the capoeira meet we saw this weekend:

Click on the photos to see larger versions in a pop-up window.

If you liked these, there’s many, many more I posted here.

Fist Full o’ Organa

Click image for larger version.
The verdict is still out on if this is photoshopped or not; the EXIF data shows it was at least saved in Photoshop most recently. Anybody know the origin of this photo if it’s real?

Itsy Bitsy

The first time I tried to catch him, he jumped out of the tupperware and onto my hand. Talk about goosebumps… I nearly shit my pants. Nam yelled at me not to kill it – kill it? HOW? Besides, woman, you’re standing on a chair after I flicked it on the floor!
After I finally captured the Mighty Awaji Bird Eating Spider, we took a walk down the street and released him in the bushes next to Jusco.
If you look closer (open a larger photo by clicking on it), you can see he’s missing a leg. He might be the same one Adam photographed on the front porch last month.
I’ve uploaded more pictures of this beast here.