Let It Flow

Max has become a master of letting us know when he isn’t pleased (shown here with my student, Nick).
These times when he forces himself to cry, if we can figure out what he wants, he stops just as quickly as he started. It’s quite hilarious if you’re an observer, but not so much if you’re the one he’s aiming the Sad Face at.

5 thoughts on “Let It Flow

  1. Well, he certainly did not seem to want dakko from poor Nick! Funny how a little infant can make you bend to his itty bitty will!
    He’s lost that koala bear infant posture and appears to be very upright and strong now….
    How has he developed in other ways?

  2. this is how i feel when i try to call my brother and he doesnt pick up the phone because he has a new girlfriend. do you know that feeling justin?

  3. > How has he developed in other ways?
    He can almost crawl now; he raises his head from the belly-down position for a whole minute sometimes. His laugh started maturing just yesterday into a multi-tonal chuckle instead of a squeal. He can do simple algebra.
    > Do you still laugh at him when he begins to make
    > the sad face?
    Of course, it’s hilarious.
    > Does it make it better or worse?
    There is no better or worse, just states of crying or not crying.
    > do you know that feeling justin?
    I just called him and left a message on voicemail, so yes, I do.

  4. Have you videoed his new laugh? Or crawling? Gotta use the camera and put it up for us to see, please. Mika thinks he looks cuter when he’s having his sad emotions…..

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