Lonely in Sarakham

I am either the first or the last of my people. Covered 10 kilometers today and not a single creature or station… This is what happens when you sideload Pokemon Go in rural areas of countries not yet supporting the game. The only time I’ve seen another living creature was during the tutorial. I am the wanderer of the wasteland.

Only in Issan

Kubota convertible with sunshade driving around town every day with no plates and hazards flashing.




As a side note, I know this gent and he’s more of a classic than all of the twenty-odd cars in his collection… He collects all of the cars that he wanted in his youth, but couldn’t afford. Never knew he wanted a rice tractor, tho.

Star Wars Magic

It’s one in the morning and we all just got back from seeing Star Wars, in English, three minutes from our house in Sarakham. That was pretty special. Overall, I liked it, and Max did, too. It was a little bit loud and scary for Mina (she’s only six).

A couple of notes:

  • I didn’t like the opening shot (it looked like crappy cgi)
  • It felt very Lord of the Rings-ish at times
  • I appreciated some of the atmospheres and small details like screen wipes that evoked the crudeness of the original
  • The girls were disappointed that Kylo wasn’t handsome
  • Fuck, I’m old.
  • Star Wars got its mojo back

What is true manhood?


True Manhood is playing to win.
True Manhood is making the shot.
True Manhood is making them remember your name.

True Manhood Quadruple Barrel Triple Malt Scotch* Whisky. For the True Manhood in you.

*Proudly made to stringent Scottish standards in the old country (Vientiane, Laos). Available at the Grapevine.

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RMU Welcome Screen


This is a huge Windows-driven LCD with which I gauge my arrival to the university every morning. It’s usually not on when I roll by the first time since I have a lot of early morning classes, but on free days I sometimes  see diagnostic screens, Windows startup, and the plethora of error dialogs that the operator has to click through before getting to the day’s scheduled programming. Sometimes I dream of hijacking it for giggles.

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It was an 8-day Thai funeral.

Cremation (and for Max and I, ordination) was on the last day.

Ashes were spread on the nearby Chi river this morning (9th day).

Nam is still working on the aftermath, even now. These are some photos from one of the outfits (HD-ELEE Studio) covering it.






Fire, No Water, Burn.


During the Songkran water festival,  a fire truck came around to refill its tanks at the pond in front of our house.  The trucks normally spend the duration of the festivities driving along the main strips downtown and basically enjoying being the kings of the country-wide watertfight. On this day, however, a huge fire broke out within a mile of our house and this truck was not at all ready to do its job… The next day we saw another fire truck spraying people during the waterfights,  so obviously, Songkran is the worst time of year to have a fire in Thailand.

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Dim Sum Breakfast



Breakfast places are few and far between in Sarakham, but this place is ok sometimes.

(these were among Taro’s GoPro photos from last month)