Mitsubishi Triton for Sale

I love this truck and it’s actually been my only vehicle with twin 12″ subs, but daddy needs a minivan.

The truck is registered in Bangkok, but is currently in Maha Sarakham, Thailand. It is a 2013 model. The engine is the 2.4 petrol version that runs on 91 gasohol or E20. I bought the car a year and a half ago because my Crown got ruined in the great floods of 2021. The engine is just over 200k and was inspected and overhauled when I bought it. It runs flawlessly. This is a fun car to cruise in and the air conditioning is ice cold. Battery was replaced this week. Headlight assemblies are new; actual headlights are LEDs. Price is 185,000 baht OBO.

TEL / LINE: 0845136254

NOTE: The Hello Kitty air freshener is NOT included in the sale.

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