Sure formula

Yesterday I slaved out in the hot sun, carefully detailing our black car.

After that, I watered the garden heavily because it looked dry.

Today I woke to the sound of heavy raindrops hitting banana leaves.

This is only the second time it’s rained in four months.

The first time happened after I washed both cars.

I am a level 3 shaman with powerful rain juju.


My admin login for this blog either got corrupted or was intentionally changed by some script kiddie, so I need to purge everything and build it up again. My last backup is recent, from New Years Eve of last year (thank Omniscient Being of Choice that I had nothing else to do that day). I’ll be losing all of my posts from January and February, but I don’t mind so much…

This blog’s feed gets picked up by Facebook, Twitter, and Buzz, so when I import the old posts, it might avalanche.. or not. Apologies in advance.

UPDATE: Maybe I didn’t lose anything except, strangely, the banner – I have backups of it, but it’s time to make a new one.