21 thoughts on “windows 7 gen_ml.dll error with KMPlayer

    1. Look for for gen_ml.dll in the PlugIns folder of KMPlayer (on my computer, that’s: C:Program Files (x86)The KMPlayerPlugIns ) and delete it, but my advice is to let a competent computer guy/gal help you out.

  1. Slow KMPlayer launch on Win7 (32-bit & 64-bit), issues on WinAmp plugin files.

    Delete the following files:
    from C:Program FilesThe KMPlayerPlugins (32-bit); or,
    from C:Program Files (x86)The KMPlayerPlugins (64-bit)

    You should have a quick starting KMPlayer… just like before.

  2. Hmm, kmplayer sounds like mplayer and indeed it is a special mplayer version for KDM. I am 100% on KDM and guess: my version comes with gmplayer, the gnome version (Linux). It works nicely, but I never use it. Dragonplayer (simple) and VLC (all you want). But on the other hand, I’m not on windows.


    1. I switched to KMPlayer from VLC because I like the interface and default settings more, but I still use VLC when I find files that are hard to open or when I have subtitle problems.

  3. I deleted the file but in my case it wasnt the gen_ml.dll file! this file was “Application File”, the file i deleted was gen_ml.dll_ and it was “DLL File”. everything is OK now!!! tnx for the advice!!! 😀

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