I scream

This has nothing to do with the photo, but last week we went to the fish sanctuary again and suddenly found ourselves surrounded on five sides by a billy goat, a baby goat, a huge yellow frog, a stray dog, and a tethered brown cow. It was quite exciting because we had a loaf of sliced bread to give to the catfish, but ended up feeding the mammals instead (the frog wasn’t having any of it and hopped away).


In other news, I would have posted this on Facebook but the uneditable captioning there kind of ruins the punchline..

…and we’re back!

Daddy did something incredible and isolated a problem with the inverter for the broken LCD monitor, which enabled the broken component to be replaced by an unlicensed professional working out of an unventilated solder trap of a storefront.
Here is a snapshot of daddy’s progress before Max came over to assault with a cup of yogurt: