I scream

This has nothing to do with the photo, but last week we went to the fish sanctuary again and suddenly found ourselves surrounded on five sides by a billy goat, a baby goat, a huge yellow frog, a stray dog, and a tethered brown cow. It was quite exciting because we had a loaf of sliced bread to give to the catfish, but ended up feeding the mammals instead (the frog wasn’t having any of it and hopped away).

1 thought on “I scream

  1. Do you notice the absence of comments for this photo?
    I love Max, but the sight of icky, sticky, melted ice cream dripping fingers and mouth and his wet bed head, AND the sweat around the neckline of his shirt, gave me pause. And I could not comment.
    I wonder why?
    Great honest picture of the mess that babies create.

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