Successful Ambush

Turning Tables, U.S. Troops Ambush Taliban With Swift and Lethal Results

“Sergeant Reese gave his rifle to another sniper to cover him while he tried to cut away a Taliban fighter’s ammunition pouches with a four-inch blade. The fighter had only been pretending to be dead, the soldiers said. He lunged for Sergeant Reese, who stabbed him in the left eye.”

Sometimes it’s easy to forget we’re still fighting a war with a defined enemy and objectives.

Tuk Tuk USA

From Autoblog Green: Tuk Tuk coming to American roads near you?

“…vehicles are currently undergoing EPA and NHTSA testing for road-use approval, though its line of trikes is reportedly already for sale for off-road use.”

Of course, for the US market they are completely overdoing it; you can even order colors like Cranberry Red and Clematis blue in standard, metallic, or pearl finish. Also, it seems they are making stretch models:
Real tuktuks don’t have 4 cylinders, yo.
All that’s left to do is some hydraulics work and installing a decent sound system.