Tuk Tuk USA

From Autoblog Green: Tuk Tuk coming to American roads near you?

“…vehicles are currently undergoing EPA and NHTSA testing for road-use approval, though its line of trikes is reportedly already for sale for off-road use.”

Of course, for the US market they are completely overdoing it; you can even order colors like Cranberry Red and Clematis blue in standard, metallic, or pearl finish. Also, it seems they are making stretch models:
Real tuktuks don’t have 4 cylinders, yo.
All that’s left to do is some hydraulics work and installing a decent sound system.

1 thought on “Tuk Tuk USA

  1. I want a customized CosmicBuddha (esoteric protection) version, air-conditioned, wind/rain/bug-proof, refrigerator for my cold drinks, with TV, IPhone recharging station, doggie day care enclosure, and privacy shades.
    Oh, wait, that’s too much like my Honda Odyssey van. Sorry.

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