How to make Movable Type work properly on Dreamhost

  1. Turn on Dynamic Publishing for everything, with all options ON

That is all.
And I was just starting to consider other hosting options (Media Temple or Pair or something, anything that would let me publish new entries and let guest leave comments on my blog without returning 500 timeout errors) after receiving the last supercold response from Dreamhost support:

Ok, I found the issue. It seems that your script is loading up over 90
megs worth of .. something directly into apache.
I’ve seen this with MT before, and we have no idea what on earth it’s
doing. We limit apache memory to 90 megs, as that’s a fairly large chunk
for one apache process.
You’ll need to consult movable type about that, as we don’t provide
support for custom scripting.

Now that’s what I call, “Can I get a ‘fuck you?'”

Cannonballs on the road

If you have some time, check out this piece (in three parts) by Errol Morris, a New York Times blogger:

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? (Part One)

Which Came First? (Part Two)
Which Came First? (Part Three): Can George, Lionel and Marmaduke Help Us Order the Fenton Photographs?
The last part gets a bit long but its nice seeing someone else wrapped in the unrelenting grips of obsession sometimes.

Natty Dread

A few months ago I wrote about the dragonfruit trees in our backyard secretly blooming at midnight. Well, these are pitaya by day:

Bob must have been thinking of pitaya when he named his famous album.


These are the red-fleshed variety, which only grow half as big as the white-fleshed ones.

As it turns out, the universal truth about fruit (“best when fresh picked and grown organically with water buffalo cakes as fertilizer”) is especially true for pitaya: I can honestly say that the dragonfruit we grew tasted better than any I have tried until now, and I have tried many from roadside stands and markets alike. In fact, growing them naturally raised the overall flavor from “disappointing considering how exotic it looks / slightly and boringly sweet” to “tasty, almost delicious.” Overall, a wonderful result: I love seeing stacks and stacks of dragonfruit being sold at the roadside fruit stalls, but I’ll never buy one again.
Bonus tropical fruit shot:

Our baby mango trees are already bearing fruit and straining under the weight!