New Commenting Authorization Explanation

I had to make it a little harder to comment on this blog, because the version of the software isn’t going to let my “type gecko” authorization work. Also, this is only made necessary because of stupid comment spammers, who all need to eat a dick and die a painful death. Sorry, I tried to avoid this system because it’s a pain in the ass (eyes, actually), but it’s still fairly simple. Please click on the example diagram below (to open an enlarged version) if you can’t figure out the new system by yourself:
Also, my system is still slow. Comments appear to hang after you click Submit, and may or may not be immediately published. If you try a couple times, I usually can fix the problem for you because the comment registers in the system, but isn’t actually published or visible to you until I manually publish it. Sorry, it’s all the fault of the spammers!

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