Mad Doraemon

Dave sent this to me today and I found it a nice break from the usual cheery images of the world’s most famous blue cat robot.
Note: I showed it to T and he says it’s been on sites like 2ch and in iMode chain letters for a few years.

UFO landing

Nam sent me this from Tokyo. It’s a nice break from natural disaster pics I think.

I wonder what building this is.

The good leaf

Now that the excitement is over, I suggest everyone have a nice bit of something leafy, settle back, and relax a bit. The ultra-right gloating and the ultra-left whining is too much to bear. It’s all about taking a middle path, dudes.

Tunnel Vision

My surfing is limited to one page today:
refresh, refresh, refresh
Regular blogging here will resume when people (including myself) start to give a rat’s ass again and can turn on the TV without compulsively flicking to CNN every 30 seconds.

Lazy Travel Writers

Taken from a newsletter found in my inbox today:

Here are (sic) some advice from travelers who have been to Japan in the past:
“Do as Japanese do”

Holy shit, is that the best you can do? Yeah, eat raw sea cows and putrefying fish guts, shit your guts out while squatting over a dank smelly hole in the ground, then jack off to hentai anime with your parents sleeping in the next room, separated only by a sliding rice paper door.
“Do as Japanese do?” No wonder I despise travel writers and guide books so fucking much. That’s the laziest fucking advice I’ve ever heard.

Buddha: 1, Disney: 0

I love the sweet smell of vindication in the morning. Now that we have them on the retreat, let us remember why it came to this, why we hates them so, my precioussssssss: LINK
Until this abomination is corrected and pirate grabassery is returned to its former glory, for us the song remains the same: