Mad Doraemon

Dave sent this to me today and I found it a nice break from the usual cheery images of the world’s most famous blue cat robot.
Note: I showed it to T and he says it’s been on sites like 2ch and in iMode chain letters for a few years.

Lazy Travel Writers

Taken from a newsletter found in my inbox today:

Here are (sic) some advice from travelers who have been to Japan in the past:
“Do as Japanese do”

Holy shit, is that the best you can do? Yeah, eat raw sea cows and putrefying fish guts, shit your guts out while squatting over a dank smelly hole in the ground, then jack off to hentai anime with your parents sleeping in the next room, separated only by a sliding rice paper door.
“Do as Japanese do?” No wonder I despise travel writers and guide books so fucking much. That’s the laziest fucking advice I’ve ever heard.