Crown build progress

Post-respray, aged trim parts removed for chroming


Cutting a new rear speaker shelf


Perhaps the original (40 year old!) rear speaker shelf, at some point apparently modified by an epileptic monkey with children's scissors


New interior door panels and glove box being fitted


A pump we found in the passenger-side door apparently for a Mercedes-style pneumatic door lock system. I've never heard of this being used on Crowns and doubt it is original, but as they say, Crowns are Japanese Benzos


The taillight frames were apparently very difficult to chrome because they are made from strange 1970's not-quite-metallic material

Gymkhana at L’Autodrome

With over 16 million views, I’m obviously one of the last car nuts to see this, but it’s admittedly awesome:

The first rule of drifting is: DRIFTING KILLS (TIRES*)

I was laughing at his shifter until I realized it was the side brake lever (he’s using paddle shifters).